Berries from Poland

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Berries from our company

We export berries grown in Poland to the countries of the European Union and the CIS. Poland is one of the first places in Europe to cultivate berries and to have a selection of commercial varieties. The main types of products are: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries. Polish berries are of high quality, excellent taste and good transportability. To meet the growing demand, we increase the volume of exported berries, as well as find new suppliers and buyers. All berries are sorted before shipment to exclude the spoiled items. For wholesale deliveries of berries, there are 4 parameters that we find important:

  • efficiency: the maximum volume of berry sales falls on the harvest season, therefore, it is one of the main factors in a successful interaction with a client. We always have a variety of different types of fresh berries in stock so that we can send them to you as soon as possible;
  • freshness: the shelf life of berries is limited, they quickly lose their consumer properties. To keep the berries longer, we observe storage mode with precisely matched temperature and humidity. The use of a controlled atmosphere in the refrigeration chambers of our warehouses helps to preserve berries and extend their shelf life;
  • convenient price: we purchase products directly from manufacturers, without intermediaries and can offer you the best price for wholesale berries;
  • service: we are always in touch with our clients and are ready to discuss any terms or transactions. The company's specialists will select a convenient container for you and optimal conditions for the delivery of berries by a trusted transport company.

FRUTLINE company is a reliable supplier of berries from Poland for your business. Become our partner and see for yourself.