Stages of cooperation with a customer

Cooperation with partners begins with a call from a potential customer. Each customer is assigned a personal manager who works with him at all stages of cooperation — from the beginning of negotiations, until the final fulfillment of the contract conditions.

Discussion of the contract terms

We have been working on the international market for more than 10 years and know all aspects of sales in any region: quality requirements, peculiarities of demand and pricing, logistics conditions. For example, large red apples of transportable varieties traditionally occupy a large market share in Kazakhstan (Idared, Gala Must, Red Velox), in the Republic of Belarus, wholesale companies and retailers prefer medium-cost varieties (Gloucester, Mutsu, Red Prince) and suppliers with flexible pricing. In the EU countries, the priority is high-quality packaging, perfect appearance of fruits and size calibration.

Depending on the field of sales (wholesale company, market, retail), our manager will help you choose the varieties , optimal delivery conditions and offer you favourable terms for long-term cooperation.

For example, for stores and markets where large volumes of goods are stored directly in the sale hall, suitable vegetables and fruits with good shelf life, which do not require special storage conditions. Companies with their own storage facilities can buy from us fresh salad greens, seasonal berries with a limited shelf life in large volumes.

Consolidating an order

After signing the contract, the company's employees start consolidating the batch and preparing the accompanying documentation.

Before shipping, all products are sorted and checked for quality so that you receive only fresh fruits and vegetables of good marketable appearance.

At the customer's request, we can calibrate the size and sample the colour of the fruit (red, yellow, pink, with a uniform or uneven blush).

FRUITLINE SP. Z O.O. works with many large producers of agricultural products in Poland, so we can deliver you goods directly from farm warehouses, bypassing the intermediate storage stage. This is especially important for products with a short shelf life and special requirements for environmental conditions.

You can choose any packaging that is convenient for your business:

  • cardboard box (with or without cells, in bulk);
  • plastic box;
  • wooden box;
  • plastic bag;
  • paper or plastic tray;
  • bag or mesh.

Delivery to a customer

Every month we ship 600-800 tons of fruits and vegetables to different countries in Europe and Asia. Minimum order quantity is 1 truck.

Efficiency is one of the main advantages of our company. Depending on the specifics of the product and the order volume, no more than 3-4 days pass from the customer's call to the shipment to the carrier.

FRUITLINE SP. Z O.O. has more than 50 transport partner companies that provide land transportation to the Eastern countries, as well as to the EU, and the CIS countries.

We work with partners with extensive experience in the international market, well-established logistics or our own transport on Incoterms FCA. If FRUITLINE takes over the organization of delivery to the buyer's region — you can discuss with your personal manager other Incoterms, with the choice of the place of unloading the goods in your region, for example, DAP.

We coordinate a schedule of regular deliveries with regular customers so that they can plan sales and receive the necessary volume of products on time.

We work 24 hours, 7 days a week. It does not matter what country and time zone you are in. Employees of FRUITLINE SP. Z O.O. are always in touch and ready to promptly answer all questions. We appreciate you and your time!

Call or email us to discuss the individual terms of the contract.