Purchase of primary products

We cooperate with many large and small farms in Poland. A huge database of manufacturers allows us to choose and ship only the best products to our customers. The purchase of primary products is never carried out randomly. The company's employees personally visit suppliers' warehouses and choose the best products from the manufacturer.

During the sampling process, visual control is carried out according to the indicators of compliance with the declared variety, colour, size, undamaged condition and marketable appearance.

When buying a batch of apples, our specialists must check for concealed defects. They choose a certain number of apples, cut them and evaluate condition of the pulp: density, juiciness, the presence of dark spots, internal rot, traces of mechanical damage invisible from the outside.

If the number of internal and external defects does not meet the high standards accepted in our company, the purchase is made from another farmer.

FRUTLINE SP. Z O.O. has long-term contracts and well-established business relations with various producers, so we supply you only the best fruits and vegetables.

Sorting lines

Fruits delivered to FRUITLINE SP. Z O.O. warehouses come to a sorting line. Here, the selection takes place according to the specified characteristics, as requested by a customer. 

To obtain the proper quality of the products sold, sorting and calibration takes place both in manual and automatic modes — substandard products, rotten, damaged and spoiled fruits are removed.

We keep up with the times and use computerized lines with optical sensors and the ability to configure sorting by colour and caliber of fruits.

Our company uses gentle cleaning technologies to eliminate mechanical damage to the fruits. Apples, some other fruits and vegetables are sorted in water, where they are washed and dirt that could get to the apples during harvesting and transportation is removed.

During the movement along the conveyor, the automatically selected fruits undergo additional manual selection and quality control.

All employees of sorting lines, when applying for a job, receive special training. Many employees have been working with us for more than 7 years. These are experienced and qualified workers who are personally responsible for the quality of fruits and vegetables for the customers of FRUITLINE SP. Z O.O. Therefore, only the most perfect, juicy and fresh fruits are delivered to customers.


In order for selected fruits and vegetables to preserve their marketable condition during transportation and further storage, packaging is carried out manually, as carefully as possible.

Our customers can choose any container and apple stowage options:

  • wooden box in bulk (13 kg net);
  • cardboard box in bulk (12-14 kg net);
  • telescopic box (11-12 kg net)
  • stowage in 1 or 2 rows in boxes or cell boxes (6.5-7 kg net);
  • packing in plastic bags (1-3 kg net).

At the request of the client, it is possible to calibrate apples by size during the packing process in the selected container.

Thanks to the established technological process and the use of modern equipment for the selection and storage of products, we can offer you high-quality goods at favorable prices and fulfill any order in the shortest possible time.

Call us to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in large bulk. Managers of FRUITLINE SP. Z O.O. are ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation and offer the best agricultural products from Polish producers.