Fruits from Poland

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Fruits from our company

Selling fruits is one of the main activities of our company. We are engaged in the export of large wholesale fruits from Poland to all European and Asian markets.

Polish agricultural products are distinguished by quality, affordable prices and variety. Most sought- after items are apples. Grown on the territory of the republic are new and time-tested varieties of European and local selections with excellent taste, good keeping quality and transportability.

The farms and orchards we directly work with and make our purchases from, provide us with a big variety of fruit options. The harvested crop then goes to the company's warehouses from

compliance with all storage and transportation conditions, where careful quality control and sorting takes place. Damaged and substandard fruits are rejected. Selected fruits are calibrated and packed into a convenient container and sent to our partners. When ordering, you can choose different options as shipping containers:

  • corrugated tray
  • closed cardboard box
  • wooden veneered box
  • plastic box.

All products have certificates confirming the quality and safety of the fruits, as well as the compliance of the EAEU Declaration with the requirements of the

technical regulation "On food safety" (TR CU 021/201) and other national standards of importing countries.

We sell many wholesale fruits that are in different price categories to produce further sales in stores. Apples such as:Golden, Ligol, Gala, Champion, etc. Pears such as: Conference, Lucas, Patten, as well as plums.

Frutline products are sold in many large retail chains in the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as Europe and Asia. Become our partner, and buy the beautiful, delicious and of great quality fruits for your business at an incredible price!