Fruitline is a trusted employer in international trade.

FRUITLINE SP. Z O.O. is a rapidly developing company that is always open for new ideas and opportunities. Our team has employees working from the very beginning of the founding company and those who have joined us recently. In connection with the expansion and increase of sales volumes, we are looking for responsible and motivated people who are ready to join our big family, in which everyone is important!

Work in the FRUITLINE company is:

  • Gives the opportunity to be part of a close-knit team and the ability to work in a friendly atmosphere, with experienced mentors;
  • Gaining experience and professional development in the field of wholesales and exports;
  • New acquaintances, interesting people and business professionals;
  • Stability and confidence in the future; decent pay for your work and dedication to a common cause.

Open vacancies

Purchasing Manager

Fruit and vegetable Purchasing manager required


  • Work experience
  • Availability of a category B driver's license.
  • Knowledge of Polish and Russian
  • Permanent residence in Poland


  • Purchase of vegetables and fruits
  • Quality control


  • Working in a stable company
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Decent wages

Sales Manager

In need of a sales manager


  • Experience
  • Driving license of category B.
  • Knowledge of Polish, Russian and English
  • Permanent residence in Poland


  • Sale of fruits and vegetables
  • Ability to establish contacts and build long-term relationships
  • Communication skills, creativity, negotiation skills
  • Responsibility
  • Ability for constructive dialogue


  • Work in a steadily developing company
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Decent salary
  • Will respond

Recruitment process


Resume selection and analysis

We study all applications submitted to us for open vacancies and select those who are suitable for us based on work experience, education and personal qualities.

Phone interview

All candidates whose resumes have passed the preliminary selection, we will talk by phone to find out more about you, your knowledge and experience. During the conversation, you can ask us all your questions.

Personal meeting

Based on the results of the telephone conversation, we invite the best candidates to the office of the company for a conversation with a recruiting specialist. Depending on the vacancy, individual or group interviews are conducted.

Apparatus employed

Based on the results of a personal meeting, we make a decision on hiring. With the selected candidates, we discuss in detail all issues related to future functional responsibilities, salary levels and working conditions.

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