Vegetables from Poland

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Vegetables from our company

The FRUTLINE company is engaged in the export of various vegetables from Poland to countries in Europe and the CIS. The Polish agricultural market is one of the largest in Europe, the main vegetable crops demanded by consumers are grown here, which are:

  • long-term storage vegetables (onions, carrots, beets);
  • various types of cabbage (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Beijing);
  • tomatoes and peppers;
  • salad vegetables (arugula, iceberg, celery), etc.

A big thanks to the direct contracts with many farms, who give us the opportunity to offer our partners fresh vegetables in any volume at competitive prices. In the company's warehouses, different types of vegetables are stored at a suitable temperature and humidity. Controlled atmosphere. Technology is actively used to extend the shelf life of vegetables without losing quality and presentation. All products undergo strict quality control and careful sorting through automatic lines, as well as manually to exclude the ingress of substandard and spoiled vegetables in shipments. Among FRUTLINE customers are large retailers and wholesale food companies in different countries. Each delivery includes accompanying documents and certificates required for the sale of goods in the selected region. We offer our partners packaging of vegetables in shipping in different types of containers such as:

  • wooden boxes;
  • corrugated trays, cardboard boxes;
  • plastic boxes and containers;
  • bags made of polymeric materials.

Sizing of vegetables is based upon customer's request. We are committed to long-term cooperation, therefore we are ready to discuss individual terms of the transaction, provide support and feedback at any stage of the order.